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Product description
Technical reference
Working line radius range (mm MM)
Round line 4.0-8.0
Feeding speed (m/min)
Maximum 60
Slider stroke (MM)
Transfer / core accuracy (degrees)
Number of cams
Number of lines
Maximum number of expandable axes
Floor size (excluding wire rack)
Length 3900* width 2200* height 2600
Working power supply (voltage / power)
Three phase 220/45KW
Package weight (excluding wire rack)

Schematic and parameters may deviate from the actual delivery scope.


侨鼎弹簧Servo cutoff unit

◆The cutting unit with independent servo motor control is compact and powerful.

◆Using high-quality cold-worked alloy steel as the knife edge, the regular life is more than 50,000 times.


Multifunctional molding unit

◆It contains a set of six degrees of freedom forming, which can realize the winding, bending, pushing and twisting of the body.

◆The spring body with eccentric displacement can also be simply formed


Durable and reliable equipment to enhance your production efficiency

◆From Taiwan's equipment technology, it has higher cost performance

◆Extensive production range stems from the optimization of traditional equipment work concept

◆Optimized equipment operating system, increased multiple inspection methods to improve product consistency

◆Adopt EU CE safety standards

◆High reliability equipment parts guarantee a longer life cycle





CNC servo slide unit

◆All slides are independent servo drives to improve the productivity of commissioning

◆The servo slide unit can be flexibly configured to increase or decrease according to the actual needs of customers to achieve the best price/performance ratio.

◆The sliders are made of high wear-resistant alloy steel, discarding the screw slide drive to ensure the repeatability of the drive.

◆Also guarantees the long life of operation


Design feature

◆Four sets of reinforced wire feeders

◆Dynamic balance optimized transfer mechanism, high speed and precision

◆Independent programmable servo cut-off, multi-function six-degree-of-freedom molding module

◆Universal module excuses, the previous equipment tooling can be shared, saving tooling loss




Universal, widely used, high reliability, high stability spring wire

Molding machinery

◆Continue the classic way of working

◆It can produce torsion spring, tension spring and wire bending forming operation system easy to use and reliable;

◆Six-degree-of-freedom spindle can realize various forming movements such as winding, bending, chamfering and curling. It can produce various complex torsion springs, internal and external double torsion springs, tension springs and 3D bending parts with the conversion machine and conventional tooling. Wait;

◆The equipment operation mode continues the traditional classic high-efficiency mode, and the independent servo slider control operation is simple and stable;

◆It is convenient to increase the laser sensor measurement, control the wire feeding angle and control the angle of the wire, and it is convenient and simple to be affected by the cylinder opening and closing time (the touch probe is optional);

◆It is also possible to upgrade the transmission device for multi-station curling and auxiliary unloading.


Standard laser probe monitoring

Dynamic balance optimized wire transfer mechanism

Heavy duty crimping for quick change tooling


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