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We are a professional manufacturer of computerized spring mechanical equipment, specializing in simple operation, high production efficiency, stable operation, high cost performance, and perfect and efficient after-sales service, leading the mainstream market. Our equipment can produce various types of springs, including regular extension springs, compression springs, torsion springs, tower springs, double torsion springs, clip springs, detent springs, and spiral springs.



Model Details

Product Features

1. All slides are independent servo drive, improve the efficiency of debugging products.

2. The sliding seat is made of high wear-resistant alloy steel to extend the service life of the sliding seat.

3. The dynamic balance of the line transfer mechanism, high-speed, accurate. The protective cover adopts the EU CE standard.

4. The servo slide unit can be flexibly configured and increased or decreased according to the actual needs of customers to achieve the best cost performance.

5. Universal module interface, the previous equipment tooling can be shared, saving tooling loss.

6. The equipment technology from Taiwan and the optimized operating system ensure the consistency of the product.

7. Can also be upgraded to increase the multi-station crimp, servo scissors and auxiliary discharge of the transmission device.



Technical parameters

Range of working line diameter (mm MM)
Round line φ0.2-φ0.5
Line feeding speed (m/min)
Maximum 60
Slide travel (mm MM)
Core accuracy (degree)
Cam lattice number
Line feeding grid number
Maximum Number of Axis Expandable
Floor space size (excluding wire rack)
Long 1.1 wide 0.5 high 1.7
Operating power supply (voltage power)
Three-phase 220V/11.7KW
Package weight (excluding wire rack)




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